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Mini loan for students recently new

A mini loan for students now really exists. Sometimes your study financing from the bank is not sufficient enough and a small addition to your financial leeway is very welcome. Previously, as a student you had the following sources to top up your account in the very short term:

– A side job. The advantage is that you can get to work fairly quickly. The disadvantage is that you have to have time, the money is not right in your account.

– Borrowing from friends or family. Not everyone has a weak environment. It also sometimes feels a bit unpleasant to be seen as a parasite.

– Extra overdraft at your bank. Increasing your credit limit at your bank can lead to a little more financial leeway. The disadvantage is that you have not arranged this quickly; you have to call / email the bank, get permission and before you know it you are a few days away.

Now there is recently a new solution to this problem. Students can now also take out a mini loan with some mini-loan providers. Note: this is not possible with every provider! The only way to find out is to submit the application. It is indeed possible, after telephone requests and comments from the market, it has been confirmed that student finance is seen as an acceptable form of income by at least 1 mini-loan provider.

What things should you have on hand when applying for a mini loan for students?

What things should you have on hand when applying for a mini loan for students?

– You must have the following items at your disposal.

– Proof of your student finance (stufi). Think of a copy or screenshot from your internet banking.

– Digital copy of your identity card; passport is also possible.

– Any payslips if you still have extra income (side jobs, for example).

How reliable is the mini loan for students?

How reliable is the mini loan for students?

The mini loan for students can only be taken out from lenders affiliated with the AFM, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. This government organization monitors financial transactions in the Netherlands and checks whether all lenders comply with the legal rules. So as long as you take out the mini loan for students from a Dutch lender, you have the certainty that they are under legal supervision.

How quickly do I have to pay off the loan?

Just like any other loan, the loan has a term. This is often around a month. So it is a short-term credit. As soon as your stufi is back in, you can, for example, repay your mini loan.

How much interest do I pay for a mini loan for students?

Provided you repay the loan within the set term, you do not pay any interest costs. The AFM determined a few months ago that the maximum statutory interest rate had to be reduced. As a result of this decision, the mini-loan providers have drastically adjusted their rates. As a result, you can now pay without interest costs as long as you pay off the loan on time.

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